"It's a very rare and treasured thing when you meet a kindred spirit...to then have the pleasure and privilege of working with them is almost too great a gift. This is how I felt meeting and working with Jordan.  From day one she blew me away with her authenticity, intensity, and passion and her emphatic, sensitive soul.  She listens deeply and with no judgment. She encourages you and makes you feel safe to take risks and be bold.  She reminds you of the beauty and immense joy of life.  She even illuminates the part of you that has been hidden, that pure heart of an artist.  I am so lucky and grateful to have been guided by Jordan as a fearless, compassionate coach."

Elizabeth Elkins, Actress & Theatre Educator, New Orleans 

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“Jordan is one of the most sensitive and encouraging coaches I know. She recognized my capability before I did and helped me find truth and heart in my work. Every time I work with Jordan, I can actually feel myself growing. Her hands-on approach is truly special.”

Frances Koepenick,  Actress, New York City 



“If you’re someone who plays it safe, may I introduce you to the safe-cracker. Jordan has the ability to unlock that Pandora’s box of emotion, passion, exuberance, and commitment within her clients. She has an approach that can help you find the reigns over things that seem impossible to control and with that comes a freedom, an ease, and a manner of expression that once experienced will make you think, “How have I not always been doing it this way?”

Baron Vaughn, Comedian, Los Angles, CA

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“Jordan Dann has been, and continues to be, one of the most influential people in my life. When I met Jordan I was in a rough place personally, and consequently, artistically as well. Jordan lifted me up with her passion, creativity, intelligence, artistic vision, and love. That summer marked a transition in my artistic self that I have been cultivating ever since. It would never have happened without her.”

Katelyn Pearce, Actor, New York City

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“I cannot remember a time in recent memory when I have felt so creatively alive – and it is thanks to Jordan. Jordan has guided me in accessing and activating the deep, dormant spaces inside myself, and the result has been a tremendous feeling of artistic and personal liberation.  She is a passionate, dedicated, talented, and caring coah, and – because of her – I am daily engaged in a creative process that is nothing short of exhilarating. “

Jennifer Jamula, Actor & Yoga Instructor, New York City


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“Jordan’s spirit of determination and willingness to help her clients reach their fullest potential is awe-inspiring.  She has the true gift of creating an environment in which students are given the opportunity to delve deeply into their work with a sense of risk-taking, play, and exploration.  Working with Jordan allowed me to see how to engage with my art and myself with openness and generosity.  With her love and patience Jordan helped me to discover who I am as an artist; a young woman; and a human being.”

Kira Silverstein, Theatre Artist & Clown, Accademia dell’ Arte – Arezzo, Italy


“Jordan is an extremely creative and intelligent teacher who has galvanized me to chase my big-time dreams and given me the tools to do the chasing with my most grounded, whole and healthy self.  And best of all, she does this in a way that is down-to-earth, unpretentious, totally accessible, and irresistibly fun.”

Lee Sunday Evans, Theatre Director, New York City


“I am continually impressed and enchanted by Jordan's commitment to helping me find what is authentic and true for me.”

Wind Dell Woods, Playwright, New York City


“In a little over four weeks I had perhaps the strongest visceral and emotional connection to myself I’ve ever had. It was an incredible break-through for me. And I’ll be forever grateful to her for it.”

Robert Lyons, Actor, New York City