Acting Instruction & Direction

Jordan’s goals as an acting teacher are to find ways to undo unhelpful personal habits around self-expression, and to begin to rehabilitate the experience of the emotional, physical and intellectual power of language, and the expression of the dynamics of human relationships.

Jordan can design a private, one-on-one acting session to meet your individual needs and goals.

  • Audition preparation
  • Monologues
  • Scene study
  • Character development
  • Vocal and physical exploration
  • Script analysis

Many artists have wonderful stories to tell but aren’t sure how to tell them.  Jordan can work with you to explore your story through autobiographical storytelling exercises to help you define and shape the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it.

Do you have a script or an idea that needs a sounding board, further exploration, or a staged reading? Perhaps what you thought is one play needs to become two, or perhaps the two great scenes you wrote could be folded into one scene.  Jordan can help you devise a plan to bring your existing work or idea to the next stage of life.

Jordan offers a wide range of acting, movement, and voice workshops.  The following descriptions can be tailored for workshop or course length curriculum and can be created to suit the needs of schools and nonprofit organizations.

Jordan also works with groups of actors who would like to explore one area of focus as a group, or with theatre groups looking to develop a way of working as a company.

The Actor’s Voice
This workshop offers a thorough exploration of the voice in context of human communication and provides a progression of exercises to free, widen, and stretch the voice.  You will explore: how the voice works, why it doesn’t, self-observation, physical awareness, breath, vibrations, freeing the channel for sound, releasing the voice from the body, self expression, interpersonal communication, and autobiographical storytelling.

Audition Workshop
In this workshop we will explore the entire performance from the moment you walk into the room, until you say thank you.  We will explore: what kind of actor you are, what kind of person you are, what kind of jobs you can get, what kind of jobs you want, and the why or why not of getting or not getting the job.  You will walk away from this workshop with the confidence that you are enough and the awareness of how to say “I nailed it” after every audition.

This workshop offers an exploration of the body and the voice as the essential tools for the actor, and helps the actor to develop a repertoire of exercises to create a personal warm-up.  Additional work will be done on: discovering spatial relationship; projection, impulse work; physical awareness; self-observation; and working with a partner.

Monologue Workshop
This monologue workshop focuses around character development.  Actors will examine: independent activities; physicalization of imagery in text; character research; objective work; obstacle work.

Scene Study Workshop
This workshop begins with neutral scene work and will build to the selection and assignment of scenes.  Actors will explore: scene analysis; discovering Who, What, Where, When, How and Why; exploration of self and of relationship; character research; objective work; obstacle work; creating conflict and developing action.


The voice is incredibly revealing of who we are and of our psychology.  Our voices are how we express ourselves to the people we love in our life and how we communicate our needs, expectations, frustrations, and success in the workplace.  The voice, the body, and the mind are intrinsically connected.

  • Have you ever wished you had a louder voice?
  • Have you ever wanted more expression, musicality, or resonance in your voice?
  • Have you ever wanted people to recognize you as powerful and confident?
  • Do you wonder why your ideas aren’t heard at meetings?
  • Have you ever wondered why you have difficulty expressing pain, joy, or anger?

Voice Work is essential for individuals in these areas:

  • Entertainment
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Education
  • Public Speaking
  • Business
  • Management
  • Mental Health
  • Health Care
  • Politics

Body Awareness & Movement

Do you know how other people perceive you?  Are you interested in what your behavior and body language reveals to others?

Our body language, voice, and behavior are being evaluated and judged constantly by everyone.  When you meet someone to whom you are attracted, when you meet a new client, or go on a job interview, you are immediately sized up and evaluated based upon a series of observations made by the other person.

Would you like to choose how you are perceived?  Would you like to be able to adjust your behavior to best fit any given situation or individual?

Through Body-Awareness coaching Jordan will work with you to articulate your behavior and provide tools and techniques to adjust and recreate the image of yourself.  Jordan’s extensive acting and voice training in conjunction with meditation techniques offers a clear and practical approach to learning how to become more self-aware and therefore more powerful, open, and free.


Relationship Consultation 

Jordan works with you by identifying your relationship goals, challenges, and expectations, and designing a program to suit your individual needs.

  • Would you like more confidence in approaching men or women?
  • Are you curious how you are being perceived on a first date?
  • Do you have difficulty meeting people?
  • Are you looking for a long-term partner?
  • Are you leaving a relationship and trying to get clarity about what didn’t work and what you would like to do differently next time?
  • Do you wonder why you attract certain types of people?
  • Curious why you never get a second date?

Ever wonder how you are being perceived by your date?  Are you curious about the messages your behavior and body language are sending to another person?  Jordan can give you specific feedback about your behavior, body language, and voice, and offer you concrete techniques and practices that will give you more confidence and freedom in your relationships.

If you struggle with confidence or experience anxiety when meeting new people, a great way to explore shifting this experience is to work with actors in an improvisational setting. In a safe environment you can have the freedom to role-play a variety of relationship situations so that you will gain confidence quickly.

Many of Jordan’s clients prefer a more immediate and candid evaluation of their behavior.  Accompanying a client to an event or location is a perfect way for Jordan to observe that individual in direct relationship to others.  This approach allows Jordan to evaluate from a distance and offer the client honest feedback on his or her behavior.

Sometimes it’s great to have a wing woman.  Jordan is excellent at making connections and facilitating honest, intimacy-building conversation.  If it’s a love interest or a potential client or employee, Jordan will work with you to initiate the connection for which you are striving.