Coaching Services

Are you ready for a transformation? 

Whatever challenge you are currently facing we will work together to illuminate what is standing in the way.

Whatever goal you have we will create a plan of action to accomplish that goal.

My commitment to you is to assist you as you explore the truthfulness of your commitments, origins, sincerity, expression, devotion and intentions. 

I can help you with:

Clarify your creative vision for a project
Remove creative blocks
Establish practices to complete projects

Health and Well-being
Ease stress and anxiety
Address addictive behavior
Develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits

Purge clutter from your work or living space
Establish systems of organization
Create a living and work space that supports spaciousness, joy, and creativity

Improve career satisfaction
Develop interview skills
Transition to a fulfilling career

People and Relationships
Find a partner  
Increase emotional intimacy
Learn effective communication
Cultivate support networks

Personal growth
Improve self-esteem and confidence
Add more play, adventure, creativity to life
Become more who you already are